Can you imagine a woman with 100 kilos in a 162cm body frame? You can imagine the picture! A self moving ball! Centre of all jokes and sniggering! Hey, stop imagining further as I am no longer that same ball of kilos. I am Amisha from Chennai. Here, I have very encouraging tale to tell. This is about how I lost 55 kilos in 6 months with the help of a diet pill known as Liproxenol. I got a new lease of life and regained my self confidence after a long time. This is why I am able to write this story which was an ordeal of sorts in the beginning but later had a happy ending like the story of Cinderella. Thanks to Liproxenol! This wonder weight loss supplement is nothing less than a magic.

To fully comprehend the benefits of this charismatic weight loss supplement, you should first listen to my pathetic ordeal which I was facing right from my childhood. As far as I remember, I was always a fat child. Only those who have been through this kind of condition can relate to my feelings. I always longed for companionship which I was denied due to this fat. It got deposited at every curve of my body. As a child, nobody wanted be my friend because I was a fatty. Due to this weight, I could not be as active and as mobile as I should have been. Nobody wanted me to make part of their team or gang because I could not won any laurels for them. In fact, I was the focus of nasty fun they used make of me. All this used to make me sad. I was a depressed soul even as a child. You can imagine what a child could feel without any friends to play with.

My parents too tried hard to help me out of this situation. They used to make me exercise for which they themselves also work hard like waking up early, running with me and playing with me. My mum was always in search of recipes which could help me reduce my weight. But I should say nothing helped after a certain stage. Then my parents too got tired and bored of all these things and stopped making efforts for me. No, I do not take them wrong. They did their best but it was my own fate.

Worst part of this terrible story was yet to come. When I grew up and went to high school, teachers also did not take me seriously because of my looks. They thought that I was a dumb! To some extent, my depression took toll on my studies also. I could not concentrate completely on my work because all the time, these thoughts keep haunting me. My grades started falling.

Add to this, there too I could not find any friends to talk with. There was no one to share my feelings. And for a young girl, there is something more embarrassing. I could not find any dates. All the boys around me used to run away from me and instead made fun of my overweight body. I really liked Sudeep but could never gather courage to say even Hi to him. I used to fear that he would also shrug off and ignore me like other guys. I was well aware of the problem but unable to handle it. I did know where my life was heading to. Whenever I looked myself in mirror, I could not help but cry. But I knew it has come to an end someday. I could not live like this all my life.

One day I was surfing internet in search of some kind of solution for weight loss, I just stumbled upon a blog which was written by some depressed soul like me. But he had successfully lost his weight and now was sharing his secret with others. He just wanted to help people like me who were feeling dejected with life. At that sad moment, I came to know about Liproxenol . In his blog, he has told that how he used it and lost more than thirty kilos in just 4 months. I read whole page in just one go and felt that there was some truth in his tale.

Really, at that moment I knew that something new is going to happen in my life too. I decided to give this diet pill a try. Before this, I had tried everything from all kinds of exercises, gym, weight training, all kinds of diet… and lot more. I knew all these things helped me only a little. Now even if I try this I had nothing to lose but weight. And if this happened, there was nothing happier than this. There was no risk in trying this diet pill. I ordered a bottle of Liproxenol which contained 60 capsules.

I started taking the doses as prescribed. Within the first two weeks itself, it started showing its positive results. I was feeling less hungry and hence was eating less. I resisted craving for eating more and more food. I felt that my clothes are getting a little loose. It helped me build up my confidence and it created a feeling of excitement in me. My mum too complimented me that I was looking little less fatty. It was the compliment; my ears longed to hear for long. I was on the top of the world. Nothing meant cooler than this for me. Now I started dreaming of wearing those dresses I could even think of wearing.

It created a confidence in me to go to gym also. I thought it would be more beneficial and I would lose weight fast. It happened as I thought. I was losing weight gradually and can you believe I lost 55 kilos in just 6 months! Actually, Liproxenol is no magic but it is completely scientific. It increases healthy metabolism in your body. As you feel less hungry, you eat less. It reduces intake of calories. It creates a calorie deficiency in your body and you lose weight. It also reduces fat digestion in your body and promotes fat oxidation.

The most interesting thing about this amazing experience of my life was I did not have to spend extra time and effort to lose my weight. Now I am a happy soul with a healthy and lean body. I have perfect curves at right places. I can wear whatever I like. I do not have to shy away from group of people anymore. And not to ask about dating! Many boys are getting attracted to my new found charm. Now I can choose whom to be friends with. I just cannot explain this exciting experience in just words. You have to feel it.

I am sure if this can work for me then it can work for anybody. I had a stubborn fat in my body which was not leaving me at all. Only Liproxenol came to me just like a boon and changed my life forever. I have written my story just to encourage people to choose a better life as all of us have right to live a fulfilled life. Do not feel shy of your body! I buyed liproxenol here www.liproxenol.com.au